The Promise

About the Show
Based on Scripture and incorporating the music of award-winning contemporary Christian artists, The Promise brings a modern day touch to the most amazing story ever told. Audiences experience a smiling approachable Jesus as He reaches His people and changes their lives. With its sweeping musical score, live animals, and a cast and crew of more than 150 dedicated Christian artists The Promise is the experience of a lifetime.

In 2013, The Promise celebrated 25 years of performances at the Texas Amphitheatre. The Texas Amphitheatre is the largest permanent outdoor theatre in the state. This magnificent 3,200 seat venue was designed to create the perfect atmosphere for The Promise. The Texas Amphitheatre has many features exclusive to outdoor theatres throughout the nation with its moat of water, rain curtain, and numerous other technological advantages. You will truly have an extraordinary experience!

The Texas Amphitheatre is located in the hills of Glen Rose, Texas, about an hour Southwest of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. For more information about The Promise and ticketing information, please visit The Promise website.