Pool Rules

General Pool Rules
  • No persons may use the pool unless it is officially open and the lifeguards are on duty. All instructions given by the lifeguards must be followed.
  • No outside food or drinks allowed in the pool area. Glass containers or breakable objects of any kind are not permitted in the pool area, restrooms, or outside deck.
  • Diving is permitted only in the deep end.
  • Running, pushing, causing undue disturbance, or any conduct that may endanger the welfare of ones self or other guest is prohibited.
  • Spitting, blowing of nose into the pool or onto deck, improper public displays of affection, and profanity are prohibited.
Disorderly conduct will result in loss of pool privileges.

Flotation Devices
  • Flotation devices will be permitted in shallow water only.
  • Inflatable beach balls or sponge balls are allowed in pool during non-crowded conditions and at the manager’s discretion.
  • Infants/children not toilet-trained must wear swim diapers under swimsuits. No diapers please.
Guests must furnish their own towels, no towels may be taken from the cabins and used in the pool.


All injuries occurring within the pool area or restrooms must be reported to the manager on duty immediately.

Reasons for Denial of Admission

Admission to the pool may be denied for any of the following reasons:
  • Intoxication
  • Open sores, wounds, skin infections, and nasal or ear infections
  • Any condition or evidence which in the opinion of the manager would jeopardize the health and safety of the membership